Update from the 2nd Symposium on ATP1A3 in Disease (Rome – 23 -24 September)

cropped-header-simposio-5[2]From AHCIA Moderator Lynn Egan: The Rome Symposium was very exciting.There were over 60 scientists and physicians and 20 parent representatives in attendance. The presentations were interesting if sometimes over our heads. 

Summaries:  Presenters Dr Mohamad Mikati and Patient Representative Sigurdur Holmar Johannesson expressed their opinion and comments of the meeting:

Dr. Mohamed Mikati  http://bit.ly/15OtUeq (Duke)

Sigurdur Holmar Johannesson http://bit.ly/1c3mK6t  (AHC Iceland)

In addition, here are the concluding remarks by Dr. David Goldstein http://bit.ly/16KOTiG (Duke).

The meeting continued the collaboration and ongoing research that was generated from the 1st Symposium in Brussels last December and new collaborations have been formed between many of the scientist who attended the 2nd Symposium.  We certainly have come a long way.  With the advancement of technology and the beginnings of understanding the mechanism of AHC, I can truly say, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

In order to keep the momentum going, the 3rd Symposium on ATP1A3 will be held in the Netherlands in Aug/Sept. 2014. (Pictures coming soon!)