Nigeria AHC Kid – Parents want to make contact

Nigeria does not have a formal AHC Association but Abi and Habeeb Adeleye would like to make contact with other AHC families in Nigeria.

“We would also like to share a short story about AHC so far:

Our son was admitted to the ICU a few hours after birth because he was jerking and fisting. We eventually got a diagnosis for AHC when he was about 4years old after uncountable hospital visits. He is 8 years old now, not too mobile and still working on his toilet training.

Being part of the AHC group has been very educative and wonderful to say the least. We hope a cure is found soon. We take each day at a time and most importantly have a firm belief in God.”

Nigeria family

Contact Info:

Phone 0706 343 5306

Phone 0806 449 6980.

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