AHC Family in China

There are 45 families with AHC in China.

Contact Info:

Bright Liu
Email: yuehui.liu@hotmail.com
Website: http://site.henizaiyiqi.com/ahc

I am a father of the AHC child in Peking China. My son is ten months old now. His hemiplegia first occurred when he was five months and was diagnosed with AHC through ATP1A3 gene test, then begin to take Flunarizine everyday.

You can send mail to me if you need some help. There are some information about AHC on the Chinese website.

Families can engage in conversation in our online chat room, which is a user group of the QQ and the group number is 127041684 if you would like to join.  


我是一个AHC患者的爸爸,宝宝五个月的时候通过基因测试被确诊为儿童交替性偏瘫,现在每天在吃西比灵,如果你有什么需要可以直接联系我(邮箱: yuehui.liu@hotmail.com)。另外有个中文的网站 (http://site.henizaiyiqi.com/ahc) 上面有些关于AHC的信息。

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