This 4th edition of the Symposium on ATP1A3 in disease seeks to accomplish several key objectives:
To share the latest research findings in Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood (AHC), Rapid Onset Dystonia-Parkinsonism (RDP), & CAPOS (Cerebellar ataxia — areflexia — pes cavus — optic atrophy — sensorineural hearing loss) Syndrome.

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To discuss various symptomology and what has (or could) be done to address them to improve quality of life for patients NOW
To discuss what steps we need to take today to be ready for clinical trials when we find candidate compounds for treatment
To involve new research and clinical teams in the important work ongoing
We want to express our gratitude for the crucial and generous effort of the family support groups in the organization of this Symposium.

We look forward to seeing you in Washington, DC Metro this August!
Jeff Wuchich (Cure AHC), David Goldstein (Columbia University), Erin Heinzen (Columbia University), Mohamad Mikati (Duke University) Chairpersons


The Foundation is very pleased to announce that the 2016 AHCF Family Meeting will be held July 13th thru 17th in

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Indianapolis, Indiana!

The AHCF Family Meeting offers access to AHC clinicians, genetic counseling, presentations of current research, and opportunities to connect with AHC families. Help us make our 10th meeting as helpful, educational, and valuable as the previous nine and better! More details are developing with our volunteer planning committee, so look for more information in the near future! See you there!

Comprehensive article on Genotype-Phenotype Correlations in 187 subjects

Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood: Retrospective Genetic Study and Genotype-Phenotype Correlations in 187 Subjects from the US AHCF Registry
Louis Viollet, Gustavo Glusman, Kelley J. Murphy, Tara M. Newcomb, Sandra P. Reyna, Matthew Sweney, Benjamin Nelson, Frederick Andermann, Eva Andermann, Gyula Acsadi, Richard L. Barbano, Candida Brown, Mary E. Brunkow, Harry T. Chugani, Sarah R. Cheyette, Abigail Collins, Suzanne D. DeBrosse, David Galas, Jennifer Friedman, Lee Hood, Chad Huff, Lynn B. Jorde, Mary D. King, Bernie LaSalle, Richard J. Leventer, Aga J. Lewelt, Mylynda B. Massart, Mario R. Mérida II, Louis J. Ptáček, Jared C. Roach, Robert S. Rust, Francis Renault, Terry D. Sanger, Marcio A. Sotero de Menezes, Rachel Tennyson, Peter Uldall, Yue Zhang, Mary Zupanc, Winnie Xin, Kenneth Silver, Kathryn J. Swoboda


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